Tom’s Wood Boxes

Growing up surrounded by the natural beauty of the Missouri Ozarks created a love for trees and the beautiful wood within. Middle school industrial arts taught me some of the basics, but Susan’s father, Marlin, showed me how to take a rough cut piece of lumber and turn it into beautiful furniture for our young children.

In 2008, Susan and I retired and I made a few boxes just to keep busy. I found that I enjoyed the challenge of finding unique wood and creating art. It became a passion and today, we sell my work at six Fine Art Shows a year.

The majority of the wood I use is salvaged or harvested from our farm and dried in our solar kiln. Burls and exotic woods are purchased from reputable suppliers. Highly figured wood and burls are used for contrasting inlays and corner splines. The boxes are solid hardwood and no stains are used to alter the natural color of the wood. Susan finishes the interiors with faux suede. Stones such as turquoise, malachite, and lapis along with copper and brass are often inlayed into the natural holes that occur in wood.

Whether it is a jewelry box, desk box, cigar humidor or a small square keepsake box, every box is a one of a kind functional piece of art that will last for generations.

Please contact us at for current inventory and prices at or 417-746-0505.

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Box Style 7 Inlay Detail

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